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Vision, Mission and Beliefs


New Boston Independent School District ignites student learning and engagement at the highest level.



The New Boston Independent School District will provide a premier education that will empower all students to become leaders, contributing citizens, and life-long learners.


We believe...

1.        All students will receive a rigorous education and be afforded the opportunity to excel.

2.        Our diverse student population is strengthened by an all-inclusive environment and respect for cultural differences.

3.        Our strong, caring and dedicated staff values learning and fosters an environment of hope and motivation for all students.

4.        The involvement of our community is vital in providing ways to support opportunities for student success.

5.        Students are entitled to a safe environment that empowers them to engage, explore and achieve their maximum potential.

6.        Public education is the best venue to cultivate leadership, citizenship and strength of character, thus helping students become productive members of society.