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How can I help our students?

All gifts are tax deductible.

General Donations: cash or pledge donations at any time. Such gifts may memorialize or honor family or friends.

Planned Givings: Wills, trusts, life insurance, and other options recommended by an estate planner. For further information, contact the Foundation office.

Annual Fund Campaign: Activities are planned each year to support the Foundation’s programs.

Matched Giving: Contributions may be doubled or tripled when matched by an employer. Check with your employer.

“Honor a Hero, Be a Hero”: donations accepted in honor and memory of military services men and women.

“Old Main Arch” engraved brick: recognize an NBISD student and staff alumni by engraving their name on a brick, which is placed around the original high school building entrance.

Donate to the N.B Foundation


“Honor a Hero, Be a Hero”

NOTE: Donations are accepted through the year.

Donations are accepted by way of: PayPal (click paypal logo below) or Mail/Drop-off: New Boston Education Foundation, P.O. Box 134, New Boston, TX 75570. Please include the following: Name of honored military man and/or woman, branch of service, specific years of service, donor’s name, and contact information (address and/or email).

Donations made in memory and honor:


James Fowler; U.S. Army Pvt.; 3 years service. Donor: Marshall & Peggy Dear

Gerald J. Green; U.S. Marine Corps – Major veteran; 1943-1959. Donor: Cheryl Yount

James (Jim) Looney; U.S. Air Force veteran. Donor: Dana Brock

Ahart Lyles; U.S. Air Force veteran; 21 years of service. Donor: Catherine Lyles

Patrick O’Hanlon; U.S. Air Force E-5; 10 years service in Iraq & Afghanistan. Donor: Marshall & Peggy Dear

John Place; U.S. Army veteran; 1994-2001. Donor: Billy Fox and family

Clyde Morris (Cap) Prestridge; U.S. Navy veteran; WWII. Donor: Billy Fox and family

Victor Boyd Prestridge; U.S. Navy veteran; WWII. Donor: Billy Fox and family

Ryan Rinn; U.S. Marine Corps; 4 years service in Iraq. Donor: Marshall & Peggy Dear

Robert Russell; U.S. Marine Corps veteran. Donor: Billy Fox and family

Stewart R. Scott: U.S. Army; June 2012 thru present. Donor: Randy & Donna Scott

Hal M. Simpson; Sgt. WWII 95th Infantry U.S. Army veteran; 2 Purple Hearts, 3 Bronze Stars, and a Silver Star; Donor: Hubert Simpson and Dr. Susan Simpson Hull

Hubert Simpson; U.S. Army Air Corp Sgt. veteran; WWII 1942-1946. Donor: Dr. Susan Simpson Hull and Sue Atkinson

Robert Craig Spears; U.S. Army veteran; 1972-1975. Donor: Billy Fox and family

William Fredrick Spears; U.S. Navy veteran; 1940 – 1954. Donor: Billy Fox and family

Olus Way Sowell; WWII, Sgt. 2nd Division veteran; Silver Star, 4 – Bronze Stars, and Purple Heart. Donor: Tom Sowell and family

Larry Don Butler; U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. veteran; KIA Quang Nam South Vietnam 1968. Donor: Tom Sowell and family

Thomas Richard Sowell; Air Corp Sgt. WWII veteran. Purple Heart and other combat awards. Donor: Tom Sowell and family

Thomas Wayne (Tommy) Sowell; U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam Combat veteran; 1967 – 1973. Donor: Tom Sowell and family