• Team tryouts will be held soon.  The district competition will take place at Morris Upchurch Middle School in Queen City, Texas on December 6, 2018.  NBMS had great success last year and we expect to do even better this year.  UIL is a great way to experience a challenge and to grow outside of the standard core curriculum that takes place in the classroom.

    Any student who wants to participate needs to visit with the UIL coach for the event they are interested in.  The list of possibilities is below:

    Robinson Art 6,7,8
    Windham Calculator 6,7,8
    Bayless Chess 6,7,8
    Lee Dictionary 6,7,8
    Wyatt Editorial writing 6,7,8
    Parson Impromptu 6,7,8
    Robison Listening 6,7,8
    Preston Maps 6,7,8
    Taliaferro Math 6,7,8
    Burrow Music 6
    Taliaferro Number Sense 6,7,8
    Conyers One-Act Play 6,7,8
    Lee Oral Reading 6,7,8
    Wyatt Ready Writing 6,7,8
    Hensley Science 7,8
    Grider Social Studies 6,7,8
    Culp Spelling 6,7,8




    art art

    writing writing speaking listening

    mc&g number

    reading writing

    science science

    s s ss