• 1:1 Chromebook Initiative


    • Provide students with immediate access to online resources and educational apps.
    • Provide access to online textbooks.
    • Develop 21st Century Technology Skills such as creating, collaborating, communicating, researching, and digital citizenship.

    What is a Chromebook?

    A Chromebook is a laptop that uses the Google Chrome browser to access web sites and online resources.   Additional information can be found on the Samsung Chromebook web page.


    Why Chromebooks?

    After comparing the cost and compatibility of Chromebooks, iPads and laptops, Chromebooks were found to be less expensive and more compatible with online resources currently used by our teachers and students. 


    Chromebooks for Education

    The following video provides and overview of how Chromebooks can be a valuable educational tool for teachers and students. It also highlights some of the features of Chromebooks

    Who Will Receive Chromebooks?

    At the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, New Boston Middle School will place Chromebook classroom sets in all Math, Social Studies and English classrooms for 6th and 7th grades.   Five Chromebooks per classroom were added grades 3-5 at Crestview to create learning centers for the students.


    August 2015 marks the next phase of this deployment with a 1:1 grade level with grades 8-12. Every 8th-12th grader will have the opportunity to participate in the program and be issued a Chromebook that they can take home in order to expand the learning environment beyond the school building.