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    How can I help with my child's homework (without doing it for them!)?

         Begin with having a specific time and place where homework is completed each night. Develop a schedule with your child so that he or she feels a part of the "homework plan." Allow your child to begin activities independently. Remember, homework is extra practice and is not used to introduce a new skill. Your child should be familiar with homework activities. After independent work time, allow your child to ask for help.

         Tired of the homework struggle? Try a behavior contract for completed work. Successfully attempting homework independently can be rewarded by extra TV time, family game night, or a game outside.


    What should I do if I dislike my child's teacher?

         Ask the teacher to meet with you about your concerns. Remember, teachers are people too! Attack the problem and not the person. By working together, almost all teacher/parent/child relationship conflicts can be solved. If you feel that you still have concerns, contact an administrator. Remember, moving a child's class rarely solves the problem, so be prepared to try other strategies.


    What should I do if my child is being bullied?

         First, talk with your child about the situation. Have they tried standing up for themselves. It is always better to empower children to solve their own problems before rescuing them.

         If the child has tried numerous times to advocate for themselves, then adult assistance is needed. Contact the child's teacher to let him or her know of the situation. Many times, children have not made their teacher aware of what's going on. 

         Strategies could include (these are familiar strategies that we practice in classroom guidance frequently):


    1. Ignore

    2. Avoid the student

    3. Make a joke

    4. Use an I feel statement "I feel ________ when you ________, please _________.

    5. Stay in a group - stick up for each other!


    See Parent Bullying Quick Tip Brochure below for additional help.


    How can I refer my child to the Counselor?

    Referrals can be made by phone, email, or by filling out the referral form below.

    Limits of Confidentiality:

    • Information will be kept confidential unless disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to the student or others or when legal requirements (court order) demand that confidential information be revealed.

    * Please complete the file below and send via your child's teacher.



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