• Counseling
    A school counselor is an educator who.... 

     ~ Advocates for ALL children

    ~ Teaches guidance lessons dealing with understanding of self and others, communication, decision making, and conflict resolution skills

    ~ Works with children individually and in small groups


    How does a student get to see the counselor?

     ~ the student may ask to go to the counselor’s office

    ~ the teacher or principal can send him or her

    ~ Mom, Dad or another care provider can request counseling services

    ~ school friend may invite him or her for a special visit


    What might a student talk about while in the counseling office?

     ~ feelings about him/herself

    ~ difficulty in making or getting along with friends

    ~ a family problem

    ~ a school problem

    ~ a fear or worry

    ~ a physical concern

    ~ the need for a little tender loving care


    What might a student do in the counselor’s office?

     ~ talk about things that are important to children

    ~ use toys to help express feelings and problems

    ~ talk about feelings

    ~ work on a plan to reach a goal

    ~ read stories that help students learn and understand more about themselves

    ~ go to a safe place to calm down when feeling upset

    ~ play games to learn ways to relate to others