• New Boston Lion Sparkle Effect Cheerleaders are cheer #125 in the Sparkle Effect National Organization in the United States.  The Sparkle Effect is an innovative organization that helps students nationwide create school based cheerleading that bring together students with and without disabilities. 


    They’re called “The Sparkles” and t hey were born in 2008 at Pleasant Valley High School in Bettendorf, Iowa.  That’s where Sarah Cronck decided she wanted to use her sport, cheerleading, to make a difference in the lives of students whose disabilities disconnected them from the rest of the student body.  Cronck was inspired to create “The Sparkle Effect” by her older brother, who’s on the autism spectrum.  She says when he got into high school it was difficult for him to adjust.  But an upperclassman took him under his wing and gave him the support he needed to build a circle of friends and get involved in all that school had to offer.


    The Sparkles serve the same purpose – improving self esteem and confidence in students who are finding it hard to connect.