Welcome to the
    New Boston High School Library & Media Center

    Tommy Taylor, Librarian - Ttaylor@nbschools.net

    Teachers & students come visit your library to find:

    A welcoming library staff 
    Collaborative work space
    Large tables for projects 
    Great space for presentation of projects
    New  books
    Reference materials & databases
    Computers, printer & wifi
    A comfortable peaceful place to read, study, and finish classwork

    ----------  Library Operating Times  ----------

    Monday - Thursday
    7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Friday - 7:30 - 3:45
    Destiny Quest
    Click on Destiny Quest. Students can see the top 10 books and new arrival titles highlighted on the Destiny Quest homepage, search the library collection, browse the scrolling carousel of bookshelves, view book covers, and link to title details from any computer with an Internet connection. Visually appealing, customizable themes make searching the library a comfortable and familiar experience for today’s plugged-in generation.

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